Covid-19 Updates

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Summer Camp is open starting June 15 through August 21st!

The first day of the 2020-2021 school year will be September 2nd!

Our goal is to keep your children healthy and safe!

-Daily child/staff health screenings and temperature readings

-Daily child/staff attendance

-Daily questionnaire is completed for each child/staff. Click here to see questions.

-Face coverings will be warn by all staff

-Children will have the option to wear face mask. We do provide disposable masks.

-Small class sizes

-Socially distanced tables and chairs

-Snack and lunch is done in the classroom

-All children must have immunizations and get a flu shot every year


-Tables and chairs are cleaned after every activity (approximately every 30 minutes)

-Entire building is cleaned daily

-Toys are cleaned after every each use (each child is given their own set toys per session)

-Bathroom facilities (toilets/sinks) wiped down after each us of child/staff using soap/water and disinfected

-Cubby-holes and children’s school supples will be wiped down

Washing Hands

-Upon entering school and before exit.

-After each activity

-Before and after snack/lunch

-Before and after outdoor play

Each child has their own:


-School supplies, which includes: crayons, markers, color pencils, scissors, pencils, glue sticks and water paint pallet

-Work, that will be done independently

-Backpack and lunch box

-Change of clothing