Kindercapers Also Offers

Kindercapers Also Offers…

Kindercapers provides a cooperative option where parents assist in the classroom and elsewhere in exchange for a reduced tuition charge. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience your child’s daily routine. Kindercapers provides a morning snack and juice, supplemented by special snacks from the child’s family.

We have a fenced in, outdoor playground for the children to run, jump, and strengthen gross motor skills while enjoying the fresh air.

Our “Big Room” offers endless opportunities for children to engage in dramatic play, art exploration, library time, blocks and much more!

Kindercapers offers an elective enrichment program where children are exposed to unique learning experiences in our Science, Math, Cooking, Spanish and Art Classes. Each class compliments our curriculum. Classes run on a monthly, rotating schedule and are announced with advanced notice prior to the start date.