BalletPrinceton Dance and Theater Studio at Kindercapers offers compassionate training within a culture of high expectations. Young children learn best by doing, so movement-based ballet class is fantastic at this period of their lives. Young children need constant exploration, which is why creative movement is also incorporated in this class to promote individual growth and the individual voice. With a playful atmosphere, this class motivates the students to continue exploring their space in a fun yet nurturing environment. Instructor: Ms Elyse Mertz. She received her dance degree from Rutgers University with a focus on modern dance and improvisation. Ms Mertz’s teaching method is not only influenced from her ballet training at Princeton Dance and Theater, but also reflects her back ground in yoga.

Jiu Jitsu- Princeton Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) at Kindercapers is a martial art, combat sport and self defense system that is one of the most popular and fastest growing arts today. BBJ is an art form that emphasizes ground fighting techniques which involve various chokes and joint locks used to dominate and submit the attacker.

Soccer- Little Dribblers



Enrichment at Kindercapers offers an elective enrichment program where children are exposed to unique learning experiences in our Science, Math, Cooking, Spanish and Art Classes. Each class compliments our curriculum. Classes run on a monthly, rotating schedule and are announced with advanced notice prior to the start date.