bridging the year between preschool and kindergarten… for those who might need one extra year…

A class for children that might need that one extra year to strengthen concepts; learn to sit for a longer period of time, work on fine-motor skills, such as writing and staying in the lines when coloring.  Children do not repeat our already successful Pre-K curriculum.  This class bridges the year between preschool and kindergarten with a fun, challenging experience that prepares them academically and emotionally for their next stage in life.

Concepts that will be enhanced are:

-Phonemic Awareness

-Pre-reading & pre-writing concepts

-Mathematical and problem solving concepts

-Critical thinking skills

-And much, much more


Class size is limited to 5 children.  Class times are M-F 9am-1pm or 9am-3pm

**** 9am-3pm–Additional hours allow students to receive individualized attention to enhance the morning curriculum.  The additional hours will include more reading/writing concepts, mathematical and problem solving/critical thinking skills and all enrichment classes (Spanish, Math, Art, Science, and Cooking).