Our Program,

Our Philosophy


At Kindercapers, we believe that students should have fun while learning. Children who learn through play enjoy the educational process. That is how Kindercapers instills the love for learning at the youngest of ages.

The Kindercapers program is designed to expose children to many first-hand sensory experiences. We believe in a “hands on, investigative approach to learning”. Through varied activities, the child spontaneously begins to develop objective and subjective awareness, which grows from exposure to new experiences. The more types of experiences that children have, the richer their understanding of concepts become.

We encourage each child to question thoughtfully and think on their own thus fostering a self- sufficient, independent student.

A cumulative curriculum allows us to achieve our ultimate goal; School Readiness.

Kindercapers offers a unique atmosphere for preschoolers and kindergarteners by giving children a chance to explore, create, and most important, to have fun while learning.

Socialization is an integral part of a young child’s learning experience. By providing engaging learning activities through play, a child will socialize and learn in a relaxed, natural setting.

Kindercapers strives to maintain a personal atmosphere, where each child is considered an individual both emotionally and developmentally.

Kindercapers is a small, nurturing school environment where children succeed.

Our Curriculum for School Readiness

The curriculum is designed to prepare students for their next level of learning by fostering a higher level of thinking. Our comprehensive curriculum includes a balanced approach to literacy and writing, solid phonemic awareness, mathematic computational and problem solving skills, social studies, art, music and an enhancement of social and emotional skills.