Children are exposed to unique learning experiences through our enrichment program. Each class compliments our already rich curriculum. Classes run on a monthly schedule and are announced with advanced notice prior to the start date.

October: Put Me in the Zoo

Students will read themed books, learn about different animals and finish by creating a relevant craft.

November: Pre-school Picasso

Students will be studying famous artists and will recreate their masterpieces.

December: Winter Wonderland

Students will read and create beautiful winter-themed arts and crafts

January: Book Club

Students will create printable books to create together and have group discussions. Students will reflect on the moral of the stories and make a craft relating to the stories.

February: Calling all Chefs!

March: Let’s Play with Clay

Students will create objects and explore the art of sculpture.

April: Whodunit?

An exploration of creative play, problem solving, mystery, and sleuthing .

May: All Things Imaginary